{five minute friday} Simple Halloween Decorating Ideas Using Spider Webs

Walking around my neighborhood this week, I've realized that many of my neighbors decorate for Halloween as elaborately as most people decorate for Christmas! There are some seriously decked out houses around here, which will make trick-or-treating with the kids even more fun! 

Now that I have kids, I put out more Halloween decorations than I used to, but today I want to talk about one of my favorite, simple ways to add some Halloween spook to your home without spending much time or money - spiderwebs! And best of all, none of these ideas take longer than five minutes!

Five Minute Halloween Decorating with Spider Webs


Since Halloween is right in the middle of fall, it can pose an interesting decorating dilemma for those that like to decorate for each season. Do you decorate for fall in September, then switch to Halloween in October, and back to fall for November and Thanksgiving?

An easier option is to simply add a few touches of Halloween to your fall decor. Take the table in my upstairs hall for example. For fall, I replace the flowers in the vases with some orange leaves, and I sit out my favorite black and white pumpkins that I picked up at Hobby Lobby a few years back.

Because of the black and white color scheme, it already has a bit of a Halloween-y feel from the start, but for the month of October, I simply add some spider webs to the top of the cabinet. You can buy faux spider webs at stores like Target, Michaels and Party City around Halloween. My favorite are called "Stretch Spider Webs."

Another of my favorite places to add spider webs is wrapped around the base of the lamp in my entry way. I simply stretch the spider webs around the glass lamp,, tucking some under the base, and using clear Scotch tape to hold them in place at the top. For added effect, I stuck a few plastic spider rings into the spider webs. 


A few years back I picked up some crocheted spider web place mats on clearance after the holiday (from Target, I believe). Since they didn't have enough for all of my place settings, I decided to just purchase the three they had and find a way to repurpose them. The first year, I place them on the center of my coffee table with some candles on top, and the last couple of years I have placed the three together to create the look of a table runner on my kitchen table.

If you like this look, here are a couple of spider web place mat options I've seen in stores this year at Kohl's and at Bed Bath & Beyond.


Mirrors are another great place to add spider webs! Last year I purchased a package of spider web window clings at Target. I've used them on the mirror in our main floor powder room, which the kids love, but they would also look great in windows as well. 

You can purchase spider web window clings very inexpensively from Party City or Amazon, but there is an even simpler DIY option you could try! Dry erase markers wipe right of of glass and mirrors, so why not just use a black dry erase marker to dry some spider webs on the corners of your mirrors. I doesn't get much quicker or easier than that! 


How about adding a few spider webs to some picture frames for a simple buy spooky Halloween touch? I recently came up with an easy and temporary method to create a spider web on a photo frame - and you can find the super easy tutorial in this post.

I added my spider web to a creepy framed 3D skull that I created, but the method simply uses string and tape on the back of the frame, so you could easily add some spider webs to you family photos or the art on your walls.


If you have a chalkboard or chalk wall in your home, this is another easy place to add some spider webs for quick Halloween decor! 

We have a chalk wall in our kitchen, and while the kids love to draw on it, they can only reach so high. This leaves the top of the wall open for me to get creative. Last Halloween, I drew in a giant spider web, which the kids really loved!

Are there any of these quick ideas for decorating spider webs that you plan to add to your home for some last minute spook this Halloween? If so, I'd love to see your photos! Tag me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

Halloween Decorating with Spider Webs

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