{style inspiration} 9 Fun Quizzes to Find Your Home Design Style

How would you describe your home style? Can you put it into words? 

This week, I joined a group of 20 creative and stylish bloggers for the My Home Style blog hop, and we were each challenged to describe our personal decor style in just three words, and even though I feel like I know my style pretty well, articulating it is harder than you would think! I finally came up with: Modern. Graphic. Family. I explained what that means to me and what it looks like in my home in yesterday's post.

I feel strongly that your home should be a collection of the things you love and should reflect your family's unique personality. The most comfortable and beautiful homes are those that are put together over time, and don't look they came straight from the page of a catalog or a showroom floor. But as you collect the items that speak to you, it's helpful to have a sense of the overall feeling you are trying to create in your home - otherwise you'll end up with lots of individual items that you like, but not a home that you love.

9 Design Style Quizzes

Being able to put your style - or the feeling you want to create in your home - into a few words or phrases makes it easier to be more intentional with your purchases and design decisions so that you'll be investing in pieces that will create the home you want to live in, rather than just taking up space.

Defining your style is a challenging task - and most likely your style won't be exactly the same as your significant other. But once you can each put your styles into words, it will be that much easier to find ways to mesh those styles together.

To help you out, I've compiled a list of nine fun style quizzes that get at the heart of what visually appeals to you, as well as the lifestyle you are seeking to create through your home decor! The first one on the list - The Stylescope Quiz - is my very favorite and the one I found to be totally spot on {like they knew me better than I knew me}, but there are lots of fun and surprisingly accurate quizzes here: {NOTE: Some of the quizzes originally listed in this post are no longer available online. The list now contains 6 quizzes}

Stylescope Quiz | Homegoods
MyStyleFinder Quiz | Lonny Magazine
Find Your Style Quiz | Apartment Therapy

Ok, now that you've taken a quiz or two {or 9}, I would love to know - what is your home design style?!
Let's get social!   
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  1. New Country, Rustic Lodge, Mid-Century Classic, Handcrafted Obsession, Modern Glam, California Eclectic, Farmhouse (which I live in!), Rustic, and Eclectic Collector. OK, now how to meld these all together!!! Thanks for posting these fun quizzes!!

  2. I followed a link from Pretty Practical Home for your "Modern, Graphic, Family" style, and I have to totally agree with the whole neutral furniture thing (black/white) because that is exactly what I have in my house (with boldly painted walls).

    I'm always trying to find my own style, thanks for the quiz links! (Sassy, Rustic Revival, Minimal to the max, California Country, Classic American, Streamlined Minimalist, Ranch, Rustic, Classic Glam)