{organizing with style} 12 Ideas for Organizing in the Bathroom

The last three weeks, my friend Melissa, from A Prudent Life, and I have been asking you to share your organized spaces with us on Instagram using the hashtag #organizingwithstyle. Week 1 was all about baskets and bins, week 2 we tackled laundry room organization, and this week, we are concluding with stylish organization tips for the bathroom! 

We've rounded up some of our favorite bathroom organization ideas, and we hope you'll be inspired!

Bathroom Organization Tips

This serene, white bathroom from Back to Blueberry Hill proves that organizing doesn't have to be complicated. She has used two pretty canisters on the counter to hold cotton balls and q-tips, and the addition of a narrow shelf above the sink gives her space for additional items without cluttering up the counter top. An organized space should make it easy for everyone to find what they need, and her clear containers do just that!

Bathroom Organization
Photo source: Back to Blueberry Hill on Instagram | Also find her at backtoblueberryhill.com
The bathroom between our boys' bedrooms doesn't have a tub, so we instead bathe them in the bathroom attached to our guest room. The boys have lots of bathtub toys that used to wind up piled on the edge of the tub, and by the time they were finally dry enough to put away, it was bath time again. I finally came up with a simple but stylish solution by hanging cute, labeled buckets from a long rail. Holes drilled in the bottom of the buckets allow the toys to be put away wet and still dry properly. And when we have guests in town, we can simply swap out the buckets for more grown-up options that give the bathroom a spa-like feel.

Bath tub toy organization
Photo source: BlueIStyle on Instagram | Tub organization details here

Here's another great idea for next to the tub! Michelle uses a pretty, tiered basket to keep all of her bath and moisturizing products neatly contained. A basket is always a great way to keep like items organized and to combat the clutter that can form on a counter top or around the edge of a tub. A basket like this would also work great between his and hers sinks if drawer space is limited!

Bathroom organization
Photo source: Elleson513 on Instagram
Melissa is fortunate to have a closet right in her bathroom - but sometimes the larger the storage space, the more disorganized it can become. After becoming frustrated that the closet had become a cluttered mess, Melissa took control and put some simple organizing systems in place that have stood the test of time. Photo boxes are the perfect inexpensive organizing container. In the bathroom, they are great for non-daily items, like extra razors and travel size bottles you are saving for your next trip.

Bathroom Organization
Photo source: APrudentLife on Instagram | Read about this closet organization here

Wash clothes never seem to stay neatly piled, so in the lower half of that same closet, Melissa has used a drawer to keep them tidy. As a bonus, the plastic storage drawer works as a divider for stacks of towels, which prevents them from tipping over.

Bathroom organization
Photo source: A Prudent Life | Read about this closet organization here
A tray is always a great way to keep items contained and to make the counter look organized rather than cluttered. Quarters on Conservatory found that paper towels are a better solution for her boys, because hand towels were getting filthy fast! By putting the paper towel holder on the tray, it all has a cohesive look.

Bathroom organization
Photo source: QuartersOnConservatory on Instagram

You've heard me talk many times before about the importance of using every available space for organizing - including the back of doors. And this applies to the inside of cabinet doors as well. The bathroom that our boys share has only a tiny cabinet below the sink {taken up largely by pipes}. To take full advantage of the available storage space, I affixed a cute metal bin to the inside of the door using Command strips. The sections of the bin hold their tooth brushes, wash clothes, and combs - all items that we want the boys to be able to reach by themselves as they learn to help with the morning and evening routines.

Bathroom organization
Photo source: BlueIStyle on Instagram | Read about this cabinet door storage here

Because the storage space in the boys bathroom is so limited, I had to get creative and think outside the box - or rather, outside the bathroom. I placed a cute, striped cabinet in the hallway just outside the bathroom that I use to store extra towels, their humidifier, and other toiletries that don't fit inside the small cabinet under the bathroom sink.

Bathroom organization outside bathroom
Photo source: BlueIStyle on Instagram | Read about this storage outside the bathroom here
Here's another great idea for the inside of a bathroom cabinet door - Crafting in the Rain used PVC pipes to create an ingenious storage solution for her kids' toothbrushes! And, of course, I love the adorable labels!

Bathroom organization
Photo source: Steph_Crafting_Rain on Instagram | Toothbrush holder tutorial here
A Prudent Life also uses the inside of her cabinet door for storage! Plastic BYGEL bins from IKEA aren’t just for rail systems. Mounted to a cabinet door with Command Strips, they can keep Melissa's daily use items handy, but hidden.

Bathroom organization
Photo source: APrudentLife on Instagram | Details of the cabinet door storage here
The cabinet under Melissa's sink is just as organized as the back of her cabinet door! She notes that hair and beauty products can quickly overtake a bathroom countertop, but shoving them all under the sink often means you forget what you have. To combat this problem, she used a tiered spice rack to keeps everything visible. This system also gives here a limit - if the rack is full, something has to go before she makes another purchase!

Bathroom organization
Photo source: APrudentLife on Instagram | Details of the cabinet organization here

Finally, who doesn't love to the chance to peek inside someones drawers?! Here's a glimpse inside mine... We are fortunate to have quite a few drawers in our bathroom, so I was initially tempted to divide them up - his and hers, if you will. But I instead decided to group like items together and to organize them by frequency of use. This top drawer includes many of the basic items that we both use daily, like toothbrushes, deodorant, contacts, and glasses. Plastic bins make it easy to quickly put everything back in place. Lining the drawers with a fun, adhesive shelf paper and adding pretty silver labels to the bins add punches of style that motivate me to keep the drawer organized. Peek inside all six of my bathroom drawers and get my top 4 bathroom drawer organization tips.

Bathroom drawer organization
Photo source: Blue i Style | More drawer organization tips here

I hope you've enjoyed these Organizing with Style round-ups the last three weeks. That concludes our hashtag challenge for this season, but keep an eye out because this challenge will be making a comeback in the new year, and we'll be taking on some of the major problem spots in your house, like the kitchen, garage, office, and more!

But, never fear - there will be no shortage of new organizing posts both here and at A Prudent Life in the coming months. And of course, you can always check my organizing archives for LOTS more practical and stylish inspiration!

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