{five minute friday} Placemat Turned Pillow Cover

Five Minute Friday is hitting the interwebs much later than planned today because of internet problems {which have become the bane of my existence lately}, but, nonetheless, I am so excited to share a feature today from Ashley at Bigger Than the Three of Us! 

placement to pillow cover

Ashley recently turned a placement into a gorgeous pillow cover, and it only took here ONE MINUTE! What?!! That means you could make five of pillow covers in the time that it takes to make most of my Five Minute Friday projects. And get this...there is no sewing involved!

Head on over to Bigger Than the Three of Us for all the deets, and while you're there, check out some of Ashley's other stylish projects from her master bedroom, like her DIY headboard that cost less than $30 and upcycled DIY sunburst mirror.

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