{gifts with style} Can't Think of a Good Teacher Appreciation Gift? Now you CAN!

Teacher Appreciation Week always seems to sneak up on me and I'm always scrabbling at the last minute. If you feel the same way, then consider this your friendly public service announcement that it's just one month away - the week of May 4-8th.

This year, I've vowed to be better prepared, and I'm already working a fun DIY gift for my boys to give to their teachers, which I'll share with all of you next week. But I realize that not everyone has the time or the desire to make homemade teacher gifts. That's why I have to share with you the cutest - and easiest - gift idea that I discovered last night! {This is not a sponsored post - I'm just a big fan!}

Teacher Appreciation Party In a Can

Are you familiar with The Entertaining Shoppe?

The Entertaining Shoppe

If not, then I am excited to be the one to introduce you!  This company, located right in my 'hood and started by a lovely group of ladies, has such a great business concept. They design, create and photograph fabulous parties - the kind you drool over on Pinterest with lots of cute handcrafted details - then they package it together and deliver the entire thing right to your doorstep (they call it a Party to Go)! You can choose a complete party from their website, or you can browse their online shoppe for individual products {including lots of handcrafted supplies} to create any party you can dream up.

Last night I attended a fun little event at The Entertaining Shoppe's headquarters,and I snapped a few photos of my favorite party set-ups!

Parties from The Entertaining Shoppe
Not So Western BB!Fiesta | Big Top Birthday Party
I could go on and on about The Entertaining Shoppe and all of their fabulous parties and supplies, but since I'm trying to stay on top of this Teacher Appreciation week thing, I'd better not get too far off topic...

One of The Entertaining Shoppe's newest product lines is called A Party in a Can(TM) .  They sell five different cans - including one made just for teachers!

Teacher Appreciation Party in a Can

Your favorite teacher just has to pop the top to find his or her very own little party inside, including a handmade banner that looks like it was written with chalk, a ‘#1’ temporary tattoo, a red glitter crown with a polka dot ribbon tie, a mini bottle of bubbles, a party blowout horn, and a red bead necklace

Teacher Appreciation Party in a Can
via The Entertaining Shoppe

The Entertaining Shoppe can's each party by hand, and seeing how they organize all of the supplies for each Party in a Can(TM) made my organizing loving heart so happy!

A Party in a Can (TM)

At last night's even I was even able to make one of my own - putting all the supplies in a can and then attaching the pop top! How fun!

Canning a Party at The Entertaining Shoppe

Chance are that your kids will be hand delivering the gifts for their teachers, but each Party in a Can(TM)  can also be sent in the mail! Talk about happy mail! Who wouldn't love to find this little surprise in their mailbox?

A Party in a Can - TheEntertainingShoppe.com
via The Entertaining Shoppe 
So if you can't think of a good teacher appreciation gift, well... now you can! :)

Teacher Appreciation Party in a Can (TM)

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  1. As a retired teacher, all I can say is that teachers really don't need more "stuff". I always appreciated a gift certificate from an office supply store so I wasn't spending all of my money on supplies for my classroom or one to a local restaurant so I didn't have to come home one night after a long day and cook dinner. I always loved homemade cookies from my students too!

    1. I totally agree with you about giving gift cards to teachers - we always give them in addition to another gift. My boys are still young enough (preschool) that they love giving something tangible - and I love the items in this "can" because they are perfect for a teacher to enjoy with her/his students. My 3 year old would think it was fantastic to see his teacher wearing that crown and blowing bubbles with the whole class!

  2. Such a fun idea to let a teacher know how much you appreciate them! Love!