{mom's style} Winter Wonderland Bedroom in Breckenridge

We are so lucky to live in colorful Colorado where we can enjoy a vibrant city life in Denver but can get away to the mountains any time we want. And we are luckier still that a few years ago my parent's built a vacation home in the gorgeous mountain town of Breckenridge. If you aren't familiar with Breckenridge, then let me just tell you that it is extremely deserving of it's place on the Forbes Top 5 list of America's Prettiest Towns.

Last year, I launched a series called Mom's Style to showcase some of my mom's amazing projects and interior designs {you can click here for an introduction to my mom and her style}. In the past, I've shared several rooms from my parents' home in Breckenridge, and today I'm extremely excited to share one more - the beautiful bedroom my mom designed for my younger sister, which I call her Winter Wonderland bedroom.

Don't worry, well get back to those hand painted aspen trees, but first let's take a look at the other side of the room. The furniture was all purchased at Denver-based D'Amore Interiors

I love that my mom chose a paint color {Sherwin Williams Tranquil Aqua} that is nearly identical to the color of the bedding {purchased at Walmart}. The color surrounds you, giving the room a very cool, calm, and wintry feel!

My mom made the pillows on the bed, which are both covered in faux fur from Jo-Ann Fabric. The snowflakes on the larger pillow are cut from wool felt, and the snowflakes on the smaller pillow from a printed cotton. She simply pinned each snowflake in place and and hand stitched them down. 

The faux fur pillows {and the matching blanket at the end of the bed} look so warm and cozy, which is a perfect compliment to the glittery snowflakes that are "falling" above the head of the bed.

My mom loves to quilt, and general incorporates a quilt project into each room she decorates. In this winter wonderland bedroom, she made three log cabin quilt blocks, and overlaid bright white snowflakes on top of each.

The framed quilt blocks hang on one side of the bed, and on the other side is a night stand with wooden snowshoes hanging above.

The two pine cone lamps in the room are from Homegoods, but my mom dressed each lampshade up with the addition of magnetic snowflakes that she found at a specialty store while visiting friends in Oklahoma.

The clear snowflakes sit on the outside of the lampshade and are held in place by a strong magnet on the inside of the shade.

I love all the little details in this room - like the faux fur tissue box cover that matches the pillows on the bed!

Another of my favorite items in the room is the tufted bench at the end of the bed. I love all of the leather and nail head details of this storage bench, which was another Homegoods purchase. The light color of the bench helps to balance out the dark furniture in the room.

More snowflakes hang in the corner of the room, above a small, vintage sleigh.

On the wall near the door hang three more custom art pieces.

My mom designed and hand embroidered these adorable snowmen on to osnaburg fabric, which ties in perfectly with the color and texture of the bench at the end of the bed.

Having made our way around the room, we now arrive back at those hand painted aspen trees, which are clearly the stand out feature of the room!

My mom painted these trees using acrylic paints in a matter of just a few hours. Her talent never ceases to amaze me!

I especially love that she carried some of the small branches around the corners, giving the trees even more dimension!

This room came together as such a perfect combination of my mom's creative talents and passions! Who wouldn't want to stay in this snowy winter wonderland while vacationing in the mountains of Colorado?!


  1. I love this! I often compare color schemes to "seasons" and this wintery look would make you feel cool and refreshed in summer and warm and cozy in winter! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! Your mom is so creative and talented. I see where you get it from! ;) I want to paint aspen trees on my wall!!

  3. I absolutely adore those trees! Send your mom over here, I want some in my house :-)

  4. Your mom is a creative rock star!!! She could definitely earn big bucks designing for people as well as creating all her different kinds of art. Love the aspen trees and the framed log cabin blocks...oh heck, just transport the entire room to my house, please!!!

    1. Yes she is! It's fun because we both love artistic stuff, but our styles are so different, and we both have different talents (I could never paint like that!)

  5. It's so much fun to be able to create all of these, and then share it with others. Please tell your mom thanks.