{five minute friday} Scrabble Tile Inspired DIY Coasters

Today's five minute project is all about spreading the love this Valentine's season! I made these adorable Scrabble tile inspired DIY coasters for our living room, and I think they are the perfect Valentine's gift idea or even a fantastic wedding or anniversary gift idea!

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A few weeks ago, I picked up two sets of unfinished wood squares at Hobby Lobby for just $2 each. They are the perfect size for coasters, and as soon as I saw them I envisioned them as Scrabble tiles.


As is often the case, I impulsively decided to start this project while the kids were eating breakfast, only to realize that I didn't have the color of stain I wanted to use. But then I remembered that I had several Minwax Stain Marker on hand - that's right, the very same ones I use to touch up wood furniture and baseboards. I grabbed out the Dark Walnut stain marker and quickly "colored" the coasters. This actually turned out to be really quick and easy {it took me just a couple of minutes to stain all four}, so it was a great solution and saved me a trip to the hardware store.

Best of all, the stain markers take no time at all to dry, so I was immediately able to give each square a really quick coat of sealer. I used the same satin varnish sealer from Michaels that I often use on painting projects. Since I was trying to make this project as quick as possible, I just squeezed a bit of sealer directly onto the square of wood and used a small paintbrush to spread it around.

The final step is adding the letters and numbers. I wasn't about to paint them on since I wanted to get this project done while the kids were still eating breakfast. Instead, I used some black permanent adhesive vinyl {left over from an earlier project}, and I used my Cricut cutting machine to quickly cut the letters. This particular vinyl is permanent and outdoor rated, so I knew it could withstand any moisture on the coasters. 

It only took me a minute or two to type in the four letters and four numbers on my Cricut and hit the cut button. And since the sealer I used dries very quickly, by the time the letters were cut, the coasters were dry and ready.

If you don't own a Cricut, or other electronic cutting machine, you could easily purchase black letter and number stickers at a craft store. The squares are 4.5 inches across, so I made my letters 3.5 inches tall, and my numbers 1.5 inches. If you decide to use stickers or an non-outdoor vinyl, it would probably be best to seal the coasters after adding the letters, rather than before, like I did.

I added some adhesive felt to the back of each coaster to keep them from scratching any surfaces, and that's it!

In just about five minutes {and while the kids were still eating their first bowls of cereal} I created a set of Scrabble tile inspired coasters that look so great on my coffee table that I might just leave them out year round!

DIY Coasters Valentine gifts for him

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  1. Cute and impressive! I can't believe you were able to complete an amazing craft before anyone spilled their milk! ;) May have to give these a try.

  2. I really love it!!!! I need it so much! Thanks for sharing :D

  3. These are adorable! I can't believe how easy they were to make. I will definitely be sharing and making my own. Thanks so much for sharing these at our Something to Talk About Link Party. We can't wait to see what you have in store next week! CoCo

  4. This is so cute! My Scrabble friends will all want these :-) I shared the link on my FB page too! Thanks for sharing at our Something to Talk About Link Party and hope to see you next week! Bwg ~~~

  5. I love these. I made similar ones that said "Nest" for our porch. Thank you for sharing on Show Me Saturday! Pinning!

  6. Adorable! What cartridge did you use for the lettering?

    1. Kimbermac, Great question - I should have put that info in the post. I believe it was the San Serif cartridge, but I'll have to double check and let you know for sure.

  7. Adorable! Which cartridge did you use for the lettering?

  8. This is such a cute idea! I need to get a vinyl cutter, but I will certainly be trying this!

  9. Love this--I think I might just try it with our last name initial. Thanks for linking up at the Pretty Preppy Party!

  10. I love these!!! Stopping over from the Pretty Preppy Party :)

  11. Thanks! These are cute, just made mine!! ;)