{five minute friday} A Simple Way to Organize Purses on a Shelf

I am slowly taking control of my closet! It's a pretty standard builder grade set up with hanging space and a few shelves. I would LOVE to start fresh with a custom closet with features like a built in shoe rack, drawers, and divided cubbies for my purses. But alas, spending money on a custom closet system is very low on our priority list.

Instead, I've been slowly tweaking things in the closet {one five minute project at a time}, finding ways to make the space function more like a custom closet, and doing it all on a shoestring budget.

On Monday I shared my organizing goals for 2015. Then on Wednesday I took a close look at my successful organizing projects and asked what sets them apart from the ongoing problem spots in our home. What I came up with are 10 Steps to Get Organized to STAY Organized, and one of the steps on that list is to alternate between big and small organizing projects. What I love about this Five Minute Friday series is that it gives me a reason to share some of the quick, five minute organizing projects I do around the house that I might not think to blog about otherwise. 

I have a lot of purses {inexpensive but pretty is my typical style}, and I enjoy switching purses to match my outfits or my mood. After trying several different methods of organizing my purses, I finally found a solutions that's working well - and it was so quick and easy!

I picked up a few packs of solid shelf dividers from The Container Store. They are sold in two packs, and while they recently changed the style of the dividers a bit, the ones linked to function just the same as the ones I have {and you can now choose between short and tall shelf divider options}.

I slid the dividers on to the shelf above one of my hanging rods, and placed two or three purses between each.

This shelf never really had a function before, and always ended up as a catch all for random items {in other words, it was always a mess}. Now the shelf has a defined purpose! Not only does this solution keep my purses off the floor, it also allows me to see all of my bags so that I am more likely to use them all.

To make my organizing loving heart even happier, I even put my purses loosely in color order.

I know I'm not the only one out there whose heart skips a beat to see things organized by color, and making the row of purses looks pretty helps keep me motivate to put them away each time. {That was another one of my 10 Steps to Get Organized and STAY Organized - Make it Pretty to Keep it Pretty}.

My closet is still a work in progress, but its coming together one five minute project at a time.

Here are a couple of other five minute closet organizing projects you might be interested in:

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