{five minute friday} Framed Photo Stamps

If you checked out my One Room Challenge reveal of our new master bedroom yesterday, then you already got a glimpse of today's Five Minute Friday project. Today I am sharing the simple details because despite being so quick and easy, it really makes me smile!

I don't even know if it's still "cool" to use photo stamps for your wedding stationery, but when I got married back in 2007 it was pretty trendy so I think it's a safe bet that I'm not the only one who has a bunch of extra photo stamps laying around in a drawer or a file somewhere. 

We used photo stamps with two different engagement photos for our wedding invitations and on the envelopes for our reply cards. We used photo stamps with a wedding photo for our thank you cards. And the photo stamps with a picture from our honeymoon in Santorini - well, I honestly don't even remember what we used those for. Since we had to purchase them by the sheet, we ended up with extras of each an everyone of these stamps and it seemed a waste to just have them sitting in a file.

For years I've intended to put one of each stamp in a frame and I just never got around to it. But when I started planning out the gallery wall to go around the television in our master bedroom, I knew it would be the perfect spot to display these stamps.

Rather than simply putting the stamps in a frame, I wanted to add a little something. Several years ago I purchased a set of vector illustrations from CanStockPhoto for another project. One of the illustrations in the set was a postmark, which was perfect for this stamp project!

I used Photoshop to adjust the size of the postmark illustration, and one of my favorite typewriter fonts - 1942 Report {free for download} - to add our names and our wedding date.

I picked up a 5" x 5" square frame on sale at Michaels. I printed the customized postmark on to white cardstock paper, then cut the paper down to fit the frame. Finally, I stuck one of each of the stamps to the cardstock - two above the postmark and two below. I inserted the cardstock into the frame, and done!

Now I just wish I'd done this seven years ago so that I could have been enjoying these stamps all along!

If you are looking for other fun ways to incorporate your wedding momentos into your home decor, you might like these projects as well!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I'll be back next week with more tutorials for the DIY projects in our Modern Metro Master Bedrooom makeover.

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