{organizing with style} Roundup of Spray Paint Storage Solutions

Let's talk spray paint storage, shall we?

Last fall I finally got all of our latex paint organized and created storage space for this paint, and our paint supplies, in our small basement utility room. I transferred our paint our of the rusting paint cans into screw-top plastic canisters, labeled the paint, and created a paint reference chart as well as a craft stick paint-deck.

This organizational system has been working great for the past year, but because of the proximity of our shelves to our water heater, we could only store water-based paint here. Anything flammable, my spray paint collection, must be stored elsewhere. Since our garage is detached and not heated, it is also not an ideal place to store paint. As a result, all of my spray paint currently lives on the floor of our coat closet, which is certainly not an ideal location {especially with two toddlers in the house who are starting to explore everything}!

I've been researching ways to organize and store spray paint, and I've come across some really ingenious ideas! Ultimately, I have a pretty good sense of which of these storage solutions will work best for us, but since everyones' storage needs differ, I thought it might be helpful to all of you if I did a quick roundup of some of the best spray paint storage options that I've come across in my searching.


Deep shelves don't work well for storing spray paint because you have to move cans to see the cans further back on the shelf, and things inevitably get tipped over while reaching for the cans in the back. That's why I think this rain gutter storage solution from Anyone Can Decorate is so genius - it's the perfect depth for storing cans of paint without taking up much space in your garage, and the gutters are deep enough to prevent the cans from tipping over!

via Anyone Can Decorate


Hanging shoe organizers can be used to store SO many more things than just shoes... but using it to organize and store spray paint?! S.M.A.R.T.! Cassie of Hi Sugarplum is full of of the many great ideas, and this is one that makes me slap my head and say "why didn't I think of that?" And it's color coded...be still my heart!

via Hi Sugarplum


Rather than standing spray paint cans upright on a shelf, why not use the entire vertical height of the shelf by placing the cans inside of stacked sections of a French drain? Since the lids of spray paint cans represent the paint color - this solution from Sew Many Ways maximizes storage space, while still making it quick and easy to find the paint you need.

via Sew Many Ways

Sew Many Ways is full of great ideas for organizing spray paint and utilizing vertical space! Turns out that aluminum coffee cans are just the right size to hold cans of spray paint. Painted and attached to a reclaimed board, these cans make for functional and stylish spray paint storage!

via Sew Many Ways


Peg boards are great for storing so many things, but I would have never thought to use a pegboard! A user by the screen name of Dronious shares the full step by step instructions for this rack on Instructables. My favorite part about this solution is that the pegboard can also be used to hang other paint supplies, such as paint brushes, from hooks along side the paint cans.

via Instructables


This last spray paint storage solution is nothing more than a narrow shelf - but I HAD to include it in my roundup because it is part of one of the most gorgeous organized garages that I have ever seen. Best of all, the entire thing storage wall created by The Creativity Exchange takes up only 5.5 inches of depth! Even the smallest garage can likely spare 5.5 inches!

via The Creativity Exchange

Aren't these ideas amazing?! Truly a solution to fit any space! And considering that I bought five more cans of spray paint this weekend, I'd better get serious about organizing my spray paint soon before it overruns my coat closet!


  1. Very clever!!! Love this. So organised, tidy....and beautiful!!! (Hard to do with paint supplies!) Great job.

  2. Can spray paint be storred in garage

    1. It depends on the garage. Our garage is detached from the house and is not insulated or heated, so we do not keep spray paint out there.