{five minute friday} Button & Sewing Kit Canisters

TGIF! Today is a big day in our family, as the youngest of my husband's brothers is getting married and I'm gaining another sister-in-law. But before the festivities commence, I wanted to pop in for today's installment of Five Minute Friday. As always, it's a super quick and easy project, but one that has made my life a little easier!

You know those extra buttons you get every time you buy new clothes... what do you do with them? Will you be able to find them if the button falls off of your favorite jacket?! 

If your spare buttons are like mine used to be {in random drawers all around the house}, then here's a tip to keep you organized.

A few years ago I replaced our master bathroom canisters, but rather than getting rid of the old canisters, I found new uses for them in our laundry closet. I filled one with all of our spare buttons, and the other with the small spools of thread and needles from our mini sewing kit.

Now if we lose a button, everyone in the house knows where to look to find its replacement, and everything we need to sew on a new button is close at hand.

I store other clothing care items, like our lint brush and our sweater fuzz shaver in small boxes on the shelf below these canisters. To see all of our laundry room organization solutions and how we make our laundry closet function more like a room, read our the full laundry closet post.

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