{featured} DIY Laundry Countertop & Shelving for Under $65

Hi friends! I am blogging over at Pretty Well Organized this morning, sharing all of the DIY details on how we created a countertop and shelving in our laundry room for under $65!

When we first moved in to our home, I really wanted to install a Formica countertop in our laundry closet with cabinets above, but with all of the other new expenses - including the cost of a brand new washer and dryer - there just wasn't any extra money in the budget. Nonetheless, I still needed to find a way to make the limited laundry space functional - particularly for folding and hanging clothes - so I came up with an inexpensive DIY option that has served us well for nearly 6 years!  

If your laundry space {be it a whole room or just a closet, like mine} could use an upgrade, but you don't want to spend much moolah, you're going to want to read the details of our countertop and shelving over at Pretty Well Organized. And if you want even more laundry room organization tips and tricks, including how to create storage space in a tiny stackable washer/dryer closet, I've got you covered!

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