{family} Super Dad & His Super Boys

I hope everyone out there had a wonderful Father's Day celebrating all of the special men in your lives! 

I wanted to take a brief break from posting about projects to share a few photos from our Father's Day weekend and tell you why my husband is a true Super Dad!

Super dad and his super boys

As I write, Scott is at his first day of a new job, and I couldn't be more proud of him. Not because it's a great job {which it is!}, but because of the reasons he went in search of this new job in the first place - to have more time to spend with the two little men who call him "dad." He is one of the hardest working people I know, and he has the academic record and professional resume to prove it. While I know that he will teach our sons the value of hard work and dedication, he will also teach them what it means to be a good husband and a good father!

Dad in Superman tshirt, boys in Superman capes

Scott and I were both fortunate to grow up with dads who were very present in our lives - who were home for dinner, who helped with homework, coached our sports, and never missed dance recitals and school plays. We have wonderful fathers, and in turn, Scott wants to be nothing less than the best father {and the best husband}!

Dad in Superman tshirt, boys in superman capes

By being unwilling to accept the expectation that success in his chosen career required him to sacrifice his family, Scott will teach our sons, by example, that success should not be defined by titles and billable hours, but rather by finding challenging and fulfilling work that allows you to be home for trips to the park and bedtime stories!

I feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful husband and partner, and never more so than when I watch him with our two sons. His boys absolutely adore him, and I do, too!

Father and son Superman photo shoot

Father's Day was the perfect excuse for me to stage this adorable photo shoot, and this morning, before Scott left for the first day at his new job, I gave him a framed copy of my favorite photo to sit on his desk as a reminder of how much we appreciate him! To us, he is "Super Dad" and so much more!