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I love my husband for a million big reasons and a million small reasons.  I constantly tell him that I love him, but I don't always tell him the specific things that I love about him. So, for Valentine's Day, I wanted to find a way to tell him all of the things that make him so special to me, and what better way than to leave him a love note every day?!

This ever-changing love note is a Pinterest inspired project. I designed and framed the "I Love You Because..." print, and placed it in a frame.

The glass works just like a dry erase board, so I can write in a note to Scott, and then erase it to add a new note whenever the mood strikes me.

The hearts below the note have special meaning as well. Last November, I surprised Scott with tickets to a Michael Buble concert. At the end of the show, we were showered in tissue paper hearts and I brought a handful of those hearts home with me.

I wanted to find a way to incorporate the hearts from the concert into a project of some sort, and adding them to the framed love note was the answer.  Because the tissue paper is very thin, I had to be careful about what kind of glue I used. After testing a couple of options, I determined that using tiny glue dots was the perfect solution.  

I chose to hang the frame in Scott's side of our closet so that he'll be able to see it every morning as he gets ready for the day, and every night before he goes to bed.

I Love You Because Dry Erase Love Note Printable

I'm all about sharing the love this Valentine's Day! I'm making the print available for free download {with either a blue or white background} so you can make a similar dry erase love note for that special person in your life.

My print is in a 12x12 frame, which is the perfect size for the spot where I hung it, but since my printer can't print that large, I had to pay for a poster print at Fed-Ex office (about $12).  If you'd prefer to print at home, to save both time and money, I've made two other sizes available for download - 8x8 {for those who, like me, love square frames} and and 8x10 {for those who want to use a standard size frame that you already have around the house}.  I also realize that not everyone has a pile of Michael Buble concert hearts sitting around, so I've already added red hearts to the print for you.

Click here to download the print in the size and color of your choice.

The only other supplies you'll need are a frame and dry erase marker, which can be picked up at Target or any office supply store. Let someone know you love them this Valentine's Day!

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