{seasonal style} Hanging Back to Back Wreaths on Glass Front Doors

Last year I found a super cute wreath at Target covered in red, white and grey sweater balls.  I just had to have it (two in fact)... but where to hang them? Even with our front porch being covered, I just wasn't sure these wreaths would hold up to the elements if I hung them on outside of our front doors. I also knew, however, that if I hung them on the inside of the front doors they would cast a shadow through the frosted glass that would look odd from outside.  The solution - hang two sets of wreaths back to back!

I purchased two of the sweater ball wreaths for the inside of the double front doors, and while at Target I also found some more traditional wreaths with pine cones and red and silver ornaments for the outside of the front doors.

I've been seeing a lot of articles online this holiday season with wreath hanging tips, so I thought I should share my super simple solution for hanging wreaths on our glass front doors. Rather than putting a nail in the narrow wood strips between the panes of glass, my favorite way to hang a wreath is from a long ribbon that is secured to the top edge of the door using a flat head thumb tack. 

We tied a long red ribbon to each wreath, then my husband held the ribbons at the top of the door while I directed him to raise and lower the wreaths until the inside and outside wreaths were hanging at the same height.  He then hammered a flat head thumbtack through the two ribbons and into the top edge of the door, and we trimmed off the excess length of ribbon.  Next year, by simply placing the thumbtacks through the existing holes in the ribbons, we'll be able to hang these wreaths very quickly with no need for additional measuring and adjusting.

The many thumbtacks have rounded heads, but for the purpose of hanging a wreath from the top edge of a door, you must find thumbtacks that are totally flat on top.  We found ours at Home Depot.

I love the way the sweater wreaths look hanging on the inside of our front doors where we can enjoy them all day long.

It's been so snowy and cold in Denver this past week that I still haven't been able to get the rest of our front porch decorations put in place, but even on their own, the green wreaths with flocked pinecones and shiny ornaments look very festive hanging from red ribbons on the outside of our front doors. 

I love both sets of wreaths individually, but my favorite part is seeing the shadows and silhouettes when the bright afternoon light glows through our south facing, frosted glass doors!

It's a balmy 45 degrees in Denver today - our first above freezing temperatures in a week - so I'm going to head outside this afternoon to finish decorating the front porch.  Check back soon for more holiday decor goodness!

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  1. I loved those wreaths from Target. I passed on getting them the first time I saw them, and when I went back to get them, they were gone! Ah well! Such is life! They look great on your door.