{decorating with style} A Big Boy Room Furniture Plan

Now that we've finally decided on a design concept for Beckett's new "big boy room" {Vintage Preppy Lounge}, I am eager to purchase the furniture and see the space start to come together. As I always do before buying any furniture for a room, I started by measuring the space and graphing it out in Photoshop so that I could play around with potential furniture layout options. Initially I had one vision for the room layout, and Scott had a very different idea of where the furniture should be placed. Once I got the measurements down on paper - turns out Scott was totally right.

Here's my Photoshop graphic rendering of the floor plan of Beckett's new room, and the furniture layout that we have decided on.

Furniture Key // Purple = low bookshelves // Navy Rectangle = dresser // Grey = rug // Red = chairs // Orange = play table // Aqua Blue Square = trunk for toy storage // Blue Circle = play tent // Light Blue Rectangle = crib/toddler bed
Let me back up for a minute and remind you what the room looks like right now. Since moving in to our home, we've been using this room as our exercise room - but we always knew that someday it would become a kid's room. Standing in the doorway and looking into the room, this is what you see.

The furniture plan for Beckett's new room calls for bookshelves to span the entire wall below the windows. We are planning to purchase two Expedit bookshelves from Ikea and turn them sideways, so that when placed side-by-side, we will have a bookshelf that is two cubes high and eight cubes wide.  That will allow the top of the bookshelf to sit just below the lower of the two windows, and will ensure that Beckett can easily reach everything on the shelves.
via Ikea

The wall to the right, where my two Olympic posters currently hang, is where we plan to place the two matching, button tufted chaise lounges that we already purchased for Beckett.  In case you don't remember me talking about these chairs previously, let me remind you that they are, in fact, dog beds! But they are perfectly sized for a little boy, and the sophisticated style will make these chairs a center piece of the Vintage Preppy design concept.

via Amazon

A Bombay herringbone trunk with leather trim that I picked up on clearance at Bed, Bath and Beyond (on sale PLUS 20% off) will sit between the two chairs.  The trunk has an easy-to-open hinged lid that doesn't fall closed - making it ideal for a toy box in Beckett's new room.  This trunk will sit right between the two chairs, and when the lid is closed, the trunk will also serve as a nice side table.

via Bed Bath & Beyond

We purchased this great houndstooth rug, from Pottery Barn Teen, which will fill the floor space in the very center of the room.
via Pottery Barn Teen
And if it ever goes on sale {fingers crossed for a Black Friday deal}, we plan to purchase this fantastic play table from the Land of Nod for the very center of Beckett's new room.  

via Land of Nod
Now let's take a look at the other side of the room as it looks today:

We'll be putting a dresser along the wall to the right of this photo (which is situated between the bedroom door and the closet door). We're planning to purchase a simple Ikea dresser, and then do some DIY projects to dress it up.

via Ikea

Finally, the remaining wall (to the left of the bedroom door in the photo) is where we'll place Beckett's bed, as well as a play tent that will hang from the ceiling. Since Beckett, at 22 months old, is not yet showing any signs of trying to climb out of his crib, we are in no particular hurry to move him to a regular bed. The crib he sleeps in now will stay in the nursery and will become Cooper's crib, so we plan to buy Beckett a new crib - one that comes with the conversion rails to transform in to a toddler bed when the time is right. Down the road, we'll buy Beckett a twin bed when he outgrows the toddler bed, but I imagine that will be a couple of years in the future.  Here's the crib/toddler bed we have our eye on.

via Amazon

As for the play tent, my mom is going to make something very special for Beckett, so I'll be sharing more details about that some time in the future.  Stay tuned!

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