{seasonal style} Throwback Thursday - A Halloween Wreath Circa 1995

Since Throwback Thursday has become such a big trend on Instagram and Facebook, I thought why not a little throwback Thursday here in blogland?

When I was in high school, I took a tole painting class with my mom one night a week.  It was wonderful mother-daughter time, and I learned a lot of great painting techniques. However, most of the items I painted back then probably wouldn't find their way into my home decor these days. But as I was looking through the bins of holiday decor in my garage, I came across the Halloween wreath that I painted back in 1995, and decided it was time to bring it back!

With a neighborhood full of cute little kids that will soon be at our door trick or treating, I thought they might appreciate the friendly ghost at the center of this wreath. 

Look at all of those great 90's details! I think the splatter paint affect really takes the cake!

And all that raffia...

So, after years of not seeing the light of day my mid-'90's Halloween wreath has escaped the garage and is proudly hanging on our front door.

I think this cutesy, smiling ghost is a nice contrast to the other ghosts that line the stairs to our front porch.

And just for fun, here's what the wreath looks like in silhouette as seen from inside our house.

So what do you think of my mid-90's throwback Halloween wreath?

I think if my 15 year old self had known, when painting this wreath, that it would someday hang on the front door of my very happy home with two adorable sons inside, she would have been pretty happy!

Is anyone else bringing back some Halloween decor that you created many years ago?

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