{decorating with style} Mood Board: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

As you probably know by now, we are in the process of deciding how to decorate Beckett's big boy room. Last week I shared two mood boards with different design concepts for a room that Beckett can grow into at least through early elementary school. Click to see the mood boards for the Beach Bum Big Boy Room and the Vintage Preppy Little Man's Lounge.

Today's mood board, which I call Planes, Trains & Automobiles, is a more traditional theme for a young boy.  While I tend to prefer something less predictable, I also recognize that there is a reason why little boys are drawn to transportation decor, and since it's very important that this be a room that Beckett love, I wanted to consider this theme in the mix.

Sources // Traffic Light // Striped Play Tent // Denver International Airport Poster // Illuminated Globe // Railroad Crossing Sign {DIY tutorial} // Cars Puzzle Rug // Airplane Beanbag Pillow // Yellow Dresser // Racing Wall Decals // Yellow Polka Dot Sheet // Yellow Plus Blanket // Vintage Headlight Lamp // Wooden Locomotive // Retro Clock Radio // Custom Road Letter Art with Cars // Car Park Framed Art // Locomotive Sheets // License Plate Map // Chalk Board Play Table

I would absolutely love to pull in some colors in unexpected ways, and this room theme seems to lend itself perfectly to bright pops of color.  I don't know what his favorite color will end up being, but right now he loves to say yellow {or more specifically, "lellow"} and he seems drawn to that color, so a dresser painted bright yellow would certainly brighten up the space.  I love this yellow dresser, and not just because it's called the "Beckett Dresser," however the price tag is way to steep, so we would likely buy an inexpensive, possibly unfinished, dresser to paint ourselves.

And this rug is to die for!  From Youlka Designs, it's a rug and a puzzle, with each car cut out of the top layer of the rug, allowing the cars to be removed and replaced.  The rug comes with a bag to store the laser cut car pieces in when they are removed, and it functions as a rug with or without the cars in place.  This rug promises hours of fun for any kid, or any OCD mom who might want to create intricate color patterns with the cars {who me?!}.

I would like to designate one corner of Beckett's room as a play zone.  I have always been inspired by the play space that Jen from I Heart Organizing created for her boys' playroom, and I think the same set up of bookshelves with seating on top, with toys stored in closed bins, would work perfectly in Beckett's bedroom.

I especially like the way Jen included a play table positioned in the middle of the play area.  However, I would prefer that a table for Beckett's room also have additional storage underneath.  I really like this table with the green drawers, both for all the cars that could be stored in those drawers and because it has a chalkboard top just like Jen's chalkboard table.  In the end, I would probably buy a less expensive play table with drawers and either paint the top with chalkboard paint, or add a layer of chalkboard contact paper to the top as a DIY project.

Depending on the furniture placement in the room, I would like to add a hanging play tent {like this one from the Land of Nod} to another corner in order to give Beckett a little hideout for reading and imaginary play.

One of Beckett's grandpas works at Denver International Airport, so a vintagey-looking DIA travel poster would be a personal touch in the room.  Other airplane decor might include planes hanging from the ceiling {like these from Pottery Barn Kids} or planes mounted to the wall {like these from Restoration Hardware Kids}.

I am also a little bit obsessed with this airplane shaped beanbag.  It was originally sold in Australia, but I can't find a place that it can be purchased now.  It might be worth trying to find or create a pattern to make something similar.  What kid wouldn't love plopping down on a giant airplane beanbag?!

Finally, I love this custom roadway letter art with the miniature cars for good measure.  I can envision Beckett's initials, or perhaps his full name, spelled out in these fun letters!

So, what do you think of the Planes, Trains and Automobiles big boy room theme?!  Is it too traditionally kiddie, or is it exactly the kind of space where a little boy would like to grow up?

After mulling over the various design plans, we ended up creating a Vintage Preppy Little Gentleman's Lounge for Beckett. You'll find links to the final room reveal and all of the related projects below:


  1. Even though I don't have children, I am really enjoying these posts. I love the thought that you put into the mood boards. The Washington Post is hosting a contest for the best kid's room. I think Beckett's nursery would have won hands down if it was entered. I thought you might enjoy seeing the rooms, including the "menswear" themed nursery. http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/home/2013-kids-room-contest-finalists/2013/09/21/10999f9a-2152-11e3-a358-1144dee636dd_gallery.html#photo=1

    1. Thank you so much! What a wonderful compliment! I will definitely go look at those contest rooms.

    2. Wow - so funny that you commented this afternoon about the Washington Post contest, because I discovered tonight that was selected for the voting phase of the Apartment Therapy "Room for Color" contest. I'd love to have your vote! If you do want to vote, click here, then scroll down below the photos and description, and click "Favorite" in the red box: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/angelas-not-so-neutral-room-room-for-color-contest-194929