{shopping for style} CB2: Live and In Person

I just love receiving a mailbox full of catalogs to peruse - and while I don't have any problem shopping from catalogs or online, there is still nothing like the tactile experience of being in an actual store where you can touch and feel and sit on.  In recent years, more and more of the stores that I had previously known only through catalogs have made their way to Denver, including Ikea, West Elm, and most recently Flor.  One of my favorite catalogs, however, remains CB2, and there is still no physical store within 1,000 miles of Denver.  So when Scott and I decided to take a Babymoon to NYC last weekend, I knew that a visit to CB2 would be on the itinerary.

When we arrived, the CB2 store in SoHo was smaller than I expected, but was chock-full of some great new designs (many of which are featured in the newest catalog that was in my mailbox the day after returning home).  I had so much fun exploring the store and snapping photos of a few of my favorite items.  And now, I am excited to share them with you!

Modern Spin on Classic Design

One of the new trends at CB2 that I am really loving is the modern take on very classic designs. Like this great glossy white and grey Stick Around Arm Chair with the sleek silver nailheads:

...and the dining chair version, the Stick Around Side Chair, made modern by the glossy white on white:

I love everything about the Study Wingback Chair - the classic shape contrasted against the contemporary color, the bright piping, and the sleek, silver base.  

But it's not just the furniture sporting classic design elements in CB2 these days.  The baroque Bracket Dinner Plate is gorgeous in a shiny charcoal grey, and looks great paired with a simple white salad plate.

Unexpected Storage

I also love that so many of the furniture pieces at CB2 conceal unexpected storage.  My favorite example is the brand new Hearty Table, which comes in two different lengths and features two hidden drawers on each side.  I can only begin to imagine all of the wonderful things that could be stored in four large kitchen table drawers (and even better, the inside of the drawers come in white or teal).  The classic shape of the clear acrylic drawer pulls is a great contrast to both the natural wood top and the industrial style of the legs.

The sleek and shiny Hide n' Seek Storage Shelves have been around for a while, but they remain among my favorite storage options at CB2.  Their potential is endless!  They would make great bathroom storage for toiletries and extra toilet paper, and the top could display items that are both functional and pretty, like folded hand towels, canisters of cotton balls, and bottles and jars of lotions and other potions.  In a living room, they would be perfect for media storage, and could display picture frames, books, and vases on top.

The CB2 item I am most coveting for my own home right now is the grey Torino Side Table.  This narrow little table would fit perfectly next to the couch in my basement and because it slides open, the space inside would be an ideal place to stash all of our remotes and to store our iPad.  This table even has a cut out in the bottom for cords, so we could set up a hidden iPad charging station.  

Finally, there's the Torino Desk-Table.  This desk could certainly function well in any office space, but I especially love that in a living space it could serve as a console table behind a couch without revealing its dual function as a desk.  In that case, rather than using an office chair, it would work well to have a stylish side chair in the living room that could be easily pulled up to the desk when necessary.  Just like the Torino Side Table, the Desk-Table also has a cord cutout, making this a truly functional desk for working on a laptop or charging other electronic devices.

For those of you without a CB2 nearby, I hope you've enjoyed this little tour of CB2 SoHo .  Now, who wants to help me lobby for a store in Denver?!

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  1. I'll help you lobby for one in Denver, if you help me with Dallas! So fun...I'd love to check out their store in person!