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If you are new here, this is a perfect starting place! Let me introduce myself and tell you a bit about this blog and my style.

Blue i Style is a blog dedicated to all things home. My aim is to inspire you to create an organized and pretty, happy home that tells your family's story, is child-friendly, and doesn't break the bank! Here you'll find loads of inspiration related to interior decor, DIY, organizing, modern crafts, seasonal projects, and entertaining.

I'm an attorney turned stay-at-home mom of two young boys. In my spare moments, my passions are all things artistic, and my house is my palette. It's a constant work in progress -- decorating, organizing, DIYing, and generally making things pretty Although I don't blog specifically about parenthood, many of my design and organizing projects are influenced by my desire to make our home a safe and fun place for our two adventurous little boys. And I hope that, along the way, I can help others parents to do the same!

My Design Style: Modern, Graphic, Family

From a young age, I spent hours drawing houses and floor plans. I had aspirations of majoring in architecture, until it came to my attention around ninth grade that architects don't just get to design pretty things, but that they, in fact, must also be scientists. It wasn't until I was in law school and rushing home from my contracts class to watch Trading Spaces that I realized that some people actually do have careers in making things pretty, and that I might have missed my calling.

If only interior decorating had occurred to me as a "job" a few years sooner, I may have taken a whole different direction in school. But instead, art, design, and organization are my creative outlets -- the things that keep me up into the wee hours of the morning after my little boys have gone to bed.

These little boys...

Want to know more about me and my family? Click here for our story...

I like to infuse a little style into all things! Whether its decorating a room or adding pretty labels to an organized space, I am passionate about making the world around me beautiful. Our home is not perfect and it's not always clean {far from it, in fact}, but when I make things pretty it motivates me to keep things pretty, and that's the little extra boost I often need to put away the laundry rather than leaving it in piles.

I share my projects not because I expect everyone to love my personal style or to want to do projects just like mine, but in hopes of encouraging and inspiring others to find what makes them happy and to infuse their own style throughout their homes and lives.

I love pretty things, but I believe a home should be a reflection of the family that lives there, not just a collection of "stuff"! My husband and I share many common loves - art, music, photography, travel, and big cities - and you'll see those elements reflected throughout our home. For a while now, I've described my style as a mix of Modern Metro with touches of Urban Funk, but when recently challenged to sum up my style in just three words, I settled on MODERN. GRAPHIC. FAMILY.

What the heck does that mean? You can read much more about our modern, graphic and family oriented style in the MY HOME STYLE post, but these photos will give you a very quick glimpse at what Modern Metro and Urban Funk look like in our house... {You can also take our full home tour}

When I started this little blog, I could have never imagined how many of you would actually read it, let alone the fact that my projects would be featured by little websites like HGTV, Good Housekeeping, the Today Show, Country Living, Huffington Post and Brit+Co! Talk about humbling!! Click here to view a more complete list of features.

On the home page, you always find the most recent posts, and at any time you can choose any of the categories at the top of each page {and in the sidebar} to find complete galleries of all of my projects. For a quick introduction, you might be interested in these posts that are among my most popular:

I get asked often if I can help with design or organizing projects in your own home, and the answer is YES! I do both in-person consultations, full scale interior decor jobs, and even offer e-design packages for those not in Denver or Colorado. Just send me an email and let's chat!

I would also love to speak with you about sponsored posts, collaboration and advertising opportunities. Please click here for more information.

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  1. Hi! Just discovered you. I live in Mexico so finding some of the products is not so easy, but the ideas are great. My name is Blue, too! How did you name your blog?